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Mythvale is the central region in the world of Xanara, where the legendary World-Tree once stood before it grew so large that it disappeared because mortals couldn't perceive it, leaving behind massive forests and mountain ranges where its roots had been. Due to the large amounts of latent divine energies in it, as well as the possibility of finding the mythical fruits and leaves of the World-Tree which are said to have magical properties beyond measure, Mythvale has been sought after for millenia, with kings and conquerors bringing the might of their empires there in an attempt to become the world's dominant force, only to be swiftly driven back by opposing factions, infighting, and the magic of the land itself.

Countless majestic ruins full of precious artifacts dot Mythvale as a result, further increasing its allure to the occasional adventurer that feels brave enough to make his or her way there. But of course, the inhabitants of a small isolated village of the same name, located between the Devil's Summit and the Whispering Woods, have very little interest in their land's legendary status, by far preferring to tend to their cattle and crops, and ruled by none except for a mayor that's too old to actually legislate most of the time.

For you see, Mythvale Village is no ordinary settlement: along with humans, it is house to many a magical creature, and the Council of Xanaran Gods has upheld its duty to protect the village for aeons, isolating it from the violent affairs of the outside and fending off any armies keen on occupying that quiet place.

Thus, besides the occasional shenanigans involving the gods or the spirits or even the humans themselves, the villagers of Mythvale live peaceful lives. Yet, it is these same shenanigans which provide some liveliness to the place and bring everyone together to solve their problems in unison, as the gods of Xanara and the creatures of magic often find themselves cooperating with humans for mutual benefit. Whether you are a simple Mythvale-born villager, a settled explorer from Dawnfall or from beyond the Bipolar Sea, a minor god of Xanara, or a mystical creature from the Whispering Woods or beyond, the fact is that you, too, are a resident of Mythvale Village, trying to tend to your business as you cope with the bizarre daily life of one who inhabits the beating heart of a mystical world.

Pictures to be added. The Gods: Melishanna, Empress of the Sun - The most senior member of the Council of Xanaran Gods and the only one who predates the World-Tree, said to be the one who sowed its seed in what would have otherwise been an irrelevant hunk of rock in the middle of nowhere, though some heathens in various parts of Xanara like to argue that it still is. She's the one who does her best to keep the supernatural side of things orderly around Mythvale and though she has a motherly attitude towards its inhabitants, she's also very lazy and can be somewhat authoritative.

Enjoys going down to mess with people. Her chosen animal is the dragon. It's a little known fact that the gods' duty to protect the village was born out of her whim.

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Yamanni and Taranni, Lunar Twins - The eldest gods of Xanara after Melishanna, they were born once the energies expelled by the World-Tree's seed reached a pair of smaller rocks flying around the larger rock that was Xanara. Yamanni, the oldest, is the Goddess of Dreams, and is kind and quiet yet playful and with a temper, married to the God of Death and with the hare as her chosen animal.

Meanwhile, Taranni, the youngest, is the God of Night, loud and careless, yet quick to adopt a predatory stance when needed, having the wolf as his chosen animal; he's married to Lanrete. The moons are called Yzora and Tatari. Lanrete, Lady of Time - Despite several arguments made by a man called Eltotsira beyond the Bipolar Sea, there was in fact a time before time, since Lanrete is actually the fourth eldest senior deity, born when Xanara cycled around the sun for the first time and considered Melishanna's little sister as a result.

She's patient and deliberate, and often works as the repairwoman of sorts for the village, turning things back to their pristine state whenever something really bad happens and wrecks a large part of the village and its surroundings, which luckily doesn't happen often. Her chosen animal is the turtle, and she's married to Taranni. Shion , Prince of Death - The youngest elder god, ironically. Shion presides over the underground realm of Shadegrot, unlike most of the others who live in space or some such silliness.

He's rather affable and clumsy and often ends up causing trouble for the surface and the other gods as a result, despite never meaning to.

A Boy and a Dragon Jake Hugh Reece Wilson

He's actually been tricked into sending souls back into Xanara several times. Shion is married to Yamanni and has a daughter called Shereh, who mostly does chores around Shadegrot. Despite being told several times to pick something else, he chose fungi as his "animal". The Others: Roman "Mayor Berry" Berenguer - The mayor of Mythvale Village, a really old widowed man who's only marginally better off than the average villager and needs a lot of help from his servants to do stuff. He's the descendant of a disgraced count who fled into Mythvale to discourage pursuing knight-errants from following him, and ended up settling down in the village.

He's fairly well liked by the villagers, if only because he isn't strict at all and sleeps most of the time, leaving them free to do whatever. He's still the mayor and can pull the authority card if necessary, though, and has quite a sober and diplomatic mind when awake. Often wakes up in the middle of the night shouting about shiny swords. Despite being the daughter of two gods and having the corresponding trippy powers, she doesn't really have a title or any sort of metaphysical obligation, so she spends most of her time either doing errands around Shadegrot or heading into Mythvale Village to kill time.

She especially enjoys flirting with the boys from the village, though she tends to lose interest in them when they die. While not exactly a goddess, she still really likes cats, so a bunch of them are seen wandering Shadegrot and its surroundings as a result. Kilarin , Maiden of the Whispering Woods - While the magical creatures of the Whispering Woods by no means conform an unified faction, they still defer to and recognize the might of the white hydra , Kilarin, who prowls the grounds near the entrance to Shadegrot.

Despite her fearsome nature, she's actually rather friendly and bubbly, and is quite happy when villagers visit the forest, going as far as to offer her assistance in escorting them if they have to cross it for whatever reason. She also really likes hanging out with the dead in Shadegrot, since they're immune to all forms of venom, being dead. If you're gonna go non-human, please describe what your race's capable of.

Appearance can be either a description or a link to an image, feel free to use whatever pic style you like. Abilities includes both mundane and supernatural skills. Story is your character's bio, can be brief if you want, doesn't need to be long. Other stuff is where you put anything else you want to share about your character, from random facts to their theme song be warned, though, that I'll snicker if you use epic trailer songs. Note: Credits for the map go to The Magic Dominion.

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Suffice to say, fans have embraced the zany tone and bright colour palette that Ragnarok has adopted, with indie director Taika Waititi at the helm to ensure the film is far more than just a Guardians of the Galaxy wannabe. Ragnarok draws inspiration from the much-beloved Planet Hulk storyline, in which the Green Goliath becomes a gladiator on a distant planet, ultimately ruling it before having it snatched away from him.

First and foremost, this is a story about Thor and his battle with the Goddess of Death, Hela played here by Cate Blanchett. Talk about making an impression. Blanchett is the kind of high calibre actor you can trust to give a good performance in almost any role, and she certainly seems to have embraced her first comic book character. A menacing yet almost likeable presence in the footage thus far, she channels the same kind of charisma that Tom Hiddleston does in the role of Loki - arguably the only truly memorable villain the MCU has seen to date.

Appropriately, if early rumours are to be believed, Hela could be charting a similar course to the God of Mischief by landing herself in an Avengers film very soon. Seemingly, Marvel Studios has decided that to have their biggest villain be in love with the literal personification of death as he is in the comics would be a little bit too Goth for mainstream audiences to.

Shifting his attention towards Hela is reportedly their solution, although needless to say, you should take this rumour with a generous helping of salt. After all, early speculation about Ragnarok concluded that the main villain was to be Enchantress, who as it turns out will not be appearing in the movie. However, her frequent henchman Skurge has indeed made the cut, with Karl Urban taking on the role.

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Skurge has been known to switch allegiances in the comics, particularly when separated from his beloved Enchantress, but initially at least will side with Hela in her quest to reduce Asgard to ashes. Someone with similarly vague loyalties is the Grandmaster, played here by the legendary Jeff Goldblum. When Thor arrives on the planet Sakaar, it will be the Grandmaster who forces him to go into battle against the Incredible Hulk, but whether his intentions are genuinely malicious remains to be seen.

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  4. With a penchant for games of strategy and a serious superiority complex, Grandmaster has frequently used superhumans as pawns in elaborate games and contests which usually involve punching. For one such game, he went so far as to unite the Marvel and DC universes, but tragically the likelihood of that storyline hitting the big screen is close to nil. Having spent extensive time in Hulk form during his stay on Sakaar, the angry alter ego of Bruce Banner has developed more sophisticated language skills than when we last saw him in Age of Ultron. It would be safe to bet that this change will be used for comedic effect, with Hulk already seen quipping in the second trailer, but hopefully will avoid taking away from what makes the character unique.

    Fear not, Idris Elba fans: the character does feature prominently in Ragnarok. Ragnarok will also introduce a new ally for Thor in the form of Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson.

    A Boy and a Dragon

    She was also the leader of the Valkyrior, a team of formidable female warriors who were responsible for taking the souls of fallen heroes into Valhalla, essentially an Asgardian version of heaven where Hela cannot reach. However, by the time Thor meets her in Ragnarok, that life seems to be far behind her, as she instead fills a role subservient to the Grandmaster on Sakaar. There have been a number of conflicting reports surrounding her whereabouts, with some sites claiming she has a small role in Ragnarok, and others claiming she was not able to appear due to a clash with her NBC TV show Blindspot.

    If the latter turns out to be true, then Valkyrie will have some big shoes to fill, especially given the vocal fanbase Sif has acquired in spite of her relatively short screen-time.