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An even worse example comes in the NY Times where the journalist Friedman invents a whole imaginary acceptance speech.

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This is not really journalism but play-writing. The Nobel Prize awarded President Obama was a perfect opportunity for journalists to do some reporting. These were appropriate subjects for any reporter to soberly explain. Again, I construe this to be another shoe-shining exercise done by the government of Norway to woo US which sticks its nose to every mickey mouse business around the world. Lured by the notion of Peace, Obama may pull out of Afganistan sooner, ensuing the sole winner Taliban to take over, you bet. The Nobel prize committee may eventually find themselves doing a bad thing with a good heart.

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  7. Why is this columnist worried about the dreams of the Presidents. It is on record that Mr. Barack Obama never even thought of his nomination, then why all this issue. All Peace Loving People where ever they are must give their lending hands for this purpose. Good, Bad, and Ugly. The secret dreams of presidents? By Robert Basler.

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    As if at destiny's behest, his early life shaped him to experience loss, disappointment, rejection. He was unique among the great actors of the 20th century in that he was actually born into the theatre. Both parents were actors, as were many of his forebears.

    His father, Roy, was a feckless charmer of a barnstormer who made his way to Australia, where he triumphed in outback melodramas, occasionally featuring live sheep; his mother Daisy and the infant Michael joined Roy, somewhat against Roy's will, and stayed with him for a little while, during which time the boy made his stage debut, running on at the end of a sentimental monologue to cry "Daddy! His childhood, back in England, was as unsettled as the life of a single parent who was a jobbing actress on tour could hardly fail to make it, and he was constantly given over to the care of aunts and "aunts" , frequently depending on the kindness of landladies.

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    Then, quite without warning, his mother married a very respect-able and comfortably-off businessman and their lives changed hugely for the better - in the material sense, at least. Redgrave was plunged into the inevitable Oedipal alienation, in addition to resenting what he felt to be the bourgeois nature of their new life. He was sent to a minor public school where he was blessed with an inspired English teacher who staged plays to a high level of excellence. He also experienced the usual intense crushes on various fellow pupils; before long he had been to bed with men and with women.

    Both sexes were understandably smitten by this immensely handsome, elegant, witty and infinitely vulnerable young man.

    At Cambridge, in the late s, he had long-term love affairs with several men, moved in Bloomsbury circles and was in touch with many of the Apostles; this was the epoch of Burgess who designed a play for him and Blunt with whom he co-edited a magazine. He was confirmed in his leftwing political attitudes, though never formally a Marxist.

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    He was not an especially diligent scholar, but absorbed a very wide culture, particularly during a visit to Heidelberg, which was rare for an actor at the time. He became a schoolmaster, plunging immediately into directing and acting in school productions, playing Hamlet, Lear and Samson Agonistes.

    By the age of 26 he felt strong enough to enter the fray professionally, playing a vast range of roles in the course of a year at William Armstrong's Liverpool Rep, where he met and married Rachel Kempson. Within a year he had been snapped up by the Old Vic and was playing Orlando opposite Edith Evans's Rosalind, one of the great romantic partnerships of the decade; a year after that he was cast in the leading role in The Lady Vanishes for Alfred Hitchcock, his film debut. Nitro del Rio Bianco. Sant Kreal Baronessa Bravo. Gekata de Vinko iz Dolini Dolmenov.

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